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Keith Ridgway, Founder and Managing Director describes how we operate.

"Stoneford's initial role is to ensure a client's intended business plan is realistic and opine on the likelihood of success, the risks involved, the best financial model for the venture and the likely deployment of resources required over a given period of time. By preparing a client for both the rigours and nuances of a new market (either geographical or industry) we can develop realistic expectations before the client commits financial resources unnecessarily or seek financing for the project. When the client chooses to proceed, we can deploy a network of local and international lawyers, accountants, banks, funders and regulatory contacts to ensure that our clients receive the necessary professional advice and access to appropriate funding sources where required.

Subsequent regular contact with our clients allows us to keep them fully informed of changes in local market conditions, possible responses to changes in cross-border tax regimes and the introductions of new regulatory impositions such as GDPR. Because of our connections in a number of countries, we are in a position to offer ongoing pertinent information, which can help the client to anticipate changes which may directly (or indirectly) affect their business. In an ever-changing world, having high-level access to local knowledge is a key factor in determining the success of any business venture and we can supply that."

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